Does My Central Heating System Need A Power Flush?

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As time goes by slodge and scale builds up in central heating systems. When this starts to happen, it reduces how well the central heating works and therefore may by causing heating bills to go up. Simply central heating systems need to be cleaned and power flushing is the best technique to ensure the whole central heating system is thoroughly cleansed.

Power flushing your central heating system allows the heating system to optimize the heat output of radiators and promote energy efficiency. Power flushing uses the power of water at high velocity to clean the system out. When power flushing, water is at a high velocity but the pressure itself is low so that no physical damage is caused to the system. The power flushing process is simple but very effective if done correctly.

Power flushing is done by connecting a power flushing pump to the heating system. It can be connected at any position like standard circulator pump coupling, or across the tails of one radiator or any other place. There is an immediate flow reverser device which works with the powerful flush. It dislodges and mobilizes deposits of sludge and scale.

To get rid of the dislodged sludge, clean water is pumped through the heating system which flushes out the dirty water using a full bore pump valve. When the process is completed the heating system holds only clean fresh water. Prior to power flushing, traditional cleansing systems were not able to move these deposits.

Heating problems can be solved by power flushing. This is because the action of power flushing improves the circulation through the pipe work so the radiators and boiler do not have to work so hard. Several problems with your central heating system, like it not getting hot can be solved with a power flush.

If your radiators are not getting hot and you constantly have to bleed them you should think of having a power flush. Another indication to have a power flush is when your heating system is noisy. This indicates sludge build up and may really be crying out for a good power flush cleansing.

It is vital to choose a trained plumber or heating engineer to carry out your power flushing job. It is vital as a skilled person with high levels of experience is needed to the power flush. The highly skilled plumbers and heating engineers will have methodical techniques to isolate and concentrate on troublesome areas so that you are left with an optimized central heating system.

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