Story Of The Blender

What would we do without the blender? No more smoothies or fancy drinks and no easy way to create pureed foods for both variety in the kitchen and special diets in the hospital. There would even be limits on scientific research as the blender is an important tool in the laboratory, used by such scientists as Jonas Salk in his search for the answer to polio.

Fortunately Stephen Poplawski got the bright idea in 1922 to add a spinning blade to the bottom of a glass jar. He did it so he could make fancy drinks for soda fountain patrons. Of course, whenever someone has a good idea, someone else thinks of a better one and so it was with the blender. Fred Osius, one of the founders of the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company, took on Poplawski’s idea and made it better.

Back in 1910, Osius, along with L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach, formed a company to make kitchen appliances, which they did successfully then, and still do very well. Then in 1933 Poplawski’s soda fountain tool caught Osius‘ attention. He made significant improvements in Poplawski’s design and patented his version. But it is a long way from patent to successful marketing and Osius needed money to follow that road.

At that time Fred Waring’s big band, The Pennsylvanians, was very popular and financially successful. Waring didn’t start out to be a musician, however. He originally was a student in architecture and engineering at Penn State. He always retained his interest in new inventions and so seemed to Osius to be a good prospect. In fact, Waring was also searching for an easier way to make the special diet of liquefied vegetables that his doctor had prescribed to treat Waring’s nagging ulcers. Thus, in 1935 when Osius talked his way into Waring’s dressing room after a live broadcast at the Vanderbilt Theater in New York, Waring was all ears.

Waring put $25,000 into the development effort of Osius‘ blender. Six months later the problems with the blender still weren’t solved. Waring, as the primary investor, fired Osius and hired someone else to redesign it. It took a bit more time, but finally the Miracle Mixer was complete in 1937. It sold for $29.75 and was an immediate hit when it was introduced at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

The next problem was getting people to hear about this wonderful new tool. Fred Waring took on the marketing himself. He began in 1938 by changing the name of the company manufacturing the blender to the Waring Company and the tool to the Waring Blender. Then he spread the word. As a musician Waring was on the road a lot, spending much time in hotels and restaurants. He pitched his Waring Blender to the chefs and bartenders wherever he went. Next he took on the big department stores such as Bloomingdales and B. Altman. And by 1954, 1 million Waring Blenders had been sold. They are still selling today in modern versions and even a vintage reproduction of the original machine.

Waring once bragged about his Waring Blender to a St. Louis reporter. He said „This mixer is going to revolutionize American drinks“ and he was right.

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Source by Johnny Waymire

How to Get the Most From Your Heating System

Unless you have an unlimited HVAC budget, chances are that you spend a great deal of time trying to keep comfort levels up while keeping energy costs down. This can seem like a never ending battle that only changes when the seasons do. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help get the most from your heating system and thus lower energy bills.

How to get the Most from Your Heater

  1. Filters – Take time to change out the filters on your system. Depending on the age and type of system the frequency will vary, but a good rule of thumb is once every three months. By changing the filter, your heater will not have to work as hard, plus you get the added benefit of cleaner, healthier air.
  2. Thermostat – Be sure that your thermostat is properly calibrated. A HVAC technician can do this for you as part of a basic inspection or maintenance check. You can also save money by installing a programmable thermostat that allows you to not just set the temperature in your home, but to control when the heater turns on and in what rooms, Some of them can even be controlled via your smart phone so that you can have an even more accurate use of the heater.
  3. Age – Sometimes the best way to get the best heating scenario is to update a system. Older heater units did not have the same standards of efficiency that we have now. If your system is more than. 10 years old, consider an update.
  4. Maintenance – Your HVAC unit needs to be inspected at least once a year to ensure that all the pieces and parts are working correctly in that nothing is in need of repair. Frequent checks means that you are aware of any issues and can address them before they become a problem – such as having the heater go out just as blizzard comes in!
  5. Temperature – There is no reason to crank your heater to 80 degrees just because it is 40 degrees outside. In fact, the HVAC can typically only get your home around 20 degrees warmer (or cooler in warm months) than the outside air.

Lower the energy bills means more money for doing those great winter time activities such as skiing or escaping to a warmer climate for a winter vacation. If you are unsure about to implement these tips, talk to a local HVAC professional to learn what your home or office needs to do. After all, when it comes to warmth and saving money, there’s nothing more important than planning and being proactive. Get started today.

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Source by Janet Slagell

Why Do Helicopters Hover One Skid Low?

I have been asked a lot times why helicopters hover with one skid low. Helicopters with a counter clockwise rotating rotor system hover left skid low and helicopters with a clockwise rotating rotor system hover right skid low.

Now there are two factors to consider in order to explain this phenomenon. The first one is what we call translating tendency or tail rotor drift. This factor causes a sideways pull on the fuselage of the helicopter and in the case of a counter clockwise rotating rotor system this pull will be to the right. To explain it very briefly it is the result of the tail rotor force acting at the tip of the tail boom counter acting the torque reaction which wants to rotate the fuselage clockwise.

In order to counter this sideways pull results in the second factor this is tail rotor roll. To counter the sideway movement to the right the cyclic needs to be positioned slightly to the left which will tilt the Total Rotor Thrust to the left thereby inducing a horizontal component of Total Rotor Thrust to the left acting on the same level as the plane of rotation.

Now normally in small helicopters the tail rotor which produces a force to the right when viewing the helicopter from the back acts below the plane of rotation. This force which counter act the torque reaction forms a couple with the horizontal force to the left which was the result of tilting the cyclic (Total Rotor Thrust) to the left. To put it a bit simpler imagine a horizontal line with one force acting to the left and above the line and another force acting to the right and below the line. The two forces acting against each other and not on the same line will produce a rolling moment.

As I mentioned this is just a brief explanation for a not so straight forward aerodynamic principle.

One last comment when it comes to tail rotor roll is that it is most prominent during the hover off course because it is related to the amount of torque that the helicopter develops. That is why a counter clockwise rotating helicopter tends to drift to the right as it transitions from forward flight back to the hover because power or torque is slowly applied as the speed decreases.

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Source by Harry Cameron

Are Bose 601 Speakers Really the Best?

For anyone who loves music and crisp, clear sound, the name Bose probably means much more than „speaker company“. In fact, Bose has long been known to produce the best speakers on the market. The revolutionary technology that Bose speakers use started in their 601 series, and more than 20 years later that product still stands up against some of the best sound engineering in the world. But are they really the best speakers ever? Well, the short answer is yes, and no.

In 1982 when they were first released to the market, Bose 601 speakers were cutting edge technology, providing the most crystal clear sound and smooth base available. While the series is discontinued, the quality of these speakers puts most widely available brands to shame. Their durability is unquestionable, with many of the original models still in perfect working order. And although they are highly sought after, there are many places online where you can bid on or purchase these beautiful vintage models. The directional technology incorporated into these speakers means that they will stand up against much of today’s competition. And with the crystal clear sound, durability, and revolutionary sound disbursement features, these were a truly unique offering in the marketplace.

However, there are some down-sides to the Bose 601 series speakers. First, this system will require a quality amplifier to work properly. You’ll never be able to hear the full potential of these speakers without it. Second, if you plan on using these speakers with a surround sound system, you’ll need to purchase other Bose products to make it work, including the VSC-10 center channel, and a pair of Bose 161 speakers. Third, some say that while the cases were very attractive and modern in 1982, they light cherry or graphite grey finishes don’t work as well with today’s home décor, so you may need to paint the cabinets to suit your taste. Finally, while they are widely available online at auction sites like eBay, they are still not „common“ and therefore can be a bit pricey, when you add in shipping costs and any fees (if you are importing them to or from another country.

All in all, if you can find a set of Bose601 Series speakers, you might go through a little bit more trouble to find them than just going to your local electronics store – but the reason for their lasting popularity will be obvious the minute you switch on the power!

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Source by Shawn Parker

How to Cook Frozen Lobster Tail

Frozen lobster has some definite benefits over fresh live Lobster.

  • Frozen lobster can be bought and stored until you are ready to use it.
  • Frozen lobster will be less expensive.
  • Frozen Lobster tail is easier to obtain.
  • A big benefit is that the frozen lobster has already been prepared so you don’t have to deal with the dilemma of cooking a live lobster.

It is true that fresh live Lobster will generally taste better but that comes at a considerably higher cost. This is because fresh lobster is usually bought for the meat in the tail and claws. Frozen Lobsters tails can come from any of dozens of other different varieties of claw-less species which makes them more available and less costly.

Sources Of Frozen Lobster Tail

In general, there are two distinct sources for frozen Lobster tails. Some are harvested from warm waters and some come from cold waters. Most chefs consider the warm water varieties to be the least desirable. This is because by the time that they are harvested and get to you the meat is of poor quality in a large percentage of the tail.

You should always try to buy your frozen tail from the cold waters of southern countries and avoid the central American variety. Sometimes the information is on the package though often it is not. Then you have to rely on the information the vendor can give you or guess based on the price. The warm water tails will always be the least expensive.

Cooking the Lobster

To get the best flavor and texture from frozen lobster tails they should be thawed prior to cooking. It is possible to cook frozen tails but doing so will produce a tough less tasty meat.

To thaw frozen lobster tails let them sit in their unopened packaging in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. You can thaw them faster by immersing the package in water, then letting that sit in the fridge.

In a rush you can use a microwave with a defrost setting to thaw the tails. Just be careful so that you don’t start cooking the Lobster tails this way.

Once thawed, the Lobster Tails should be cooked in a timely manner. After thawing they can be boiled, steamed, baked, broiled or grilled. It’s up to you.

Here are the two most popular and easiest ways to cook Lobster, boiling and steaming.

Boiling thawed frozen Lobster is really easy.

  • Fill a pot with enough water to cover the Lobsters you are cooking,
  • Add about one tbsp salt per quart of water
  • Heat the water to a rolling boil
  • Drop the Lobsters into the boiling water
  • Cook for about 1 minute per ounce of Lobster

Steaming is similar except you will use less water. You will need a steaming basket that can hang into the pot but not reach into the water and a tight lid.

  • Put 1 to 1 ½ inches of water into pot.
  • Add salt (1 tbsp per quart of water)
  • Heat the water to boiling
  • Hang the steaming basket into the pot
  • Cover with heavy Lid (If you don’t have a heavy lid sit a brick or rock on top to hold the lid down)
  • Cook them for 7 to 8 minutes

Just remember, be careful and watch out for the hot steam when you open the pot and remember that the pot, lid, strainer and Lobsters will all be extremely hot.

Serve the Lobster on a platter with some hot clarified butter and you are ready to feast.

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Source by Bob Current

Cooling Off A Hot Temper

A hot temper have gotten many people into serious trouble and some of the incidents have had irreversible consequences, which has caused great regrets. It is too late to say they are sorrow so they would have to live with what they have done. Sometime they cannot forgive themselves nor can those they have hurt forgive them, therefore, they could live out their lives with a broken spirit and it is because they could not control their temper.

How do we cool off a hot temper? There are several things that we can do to cool off our temper. As long as I can remember I have always heard to take a deep breathe and count to ten when we see that we are getting angry, doing that gives us an opportunity to think before we act. The problem that people can get in is reacting before they think and that is very dangerous because most of the time things will get out of control when action is done before thinking.

Another thing that we can do is to remove ourselves from the situation that is causing our temper to rise. Walking away by no means mean that we are a coward, on the contrary, it means that we are using wisdom. Confrontation is not the solution especially when tempers are rising, it will only make matters worst so take the high road and walk away.

Another way to cool off a hot temper is to think about something funny. It made you laugh once it can do it again. When we are angry the last thing that we want to think about is something funny because we want to think about the situation that have made us angry but if we would focus our mind on something amusing most likely the thing that has caused us to get angry will not seem as significant.

Giving a soft answer dismantles strife in others and it will do the same in us. Yes, we might want to scream and yell but if we can remember to speak softly, an end will come to the argument a lot sooner.

We can pray for peace inside of us and turning our emotions over to the Lord will definitely help us. He is able to give us comfort and peace and most likely, we will see that it was foolishness that got us angry in the first place.

The bible said be you angry but do not sin. Therefore, we can get angry for righteousness sake but we should not get angry because of folly. It can cause pain for us and others and its result can last a lifetime.

Another thing that we can do if we see ourselves getting angry is to get silent. A person will not argue for very long if there is no response to them so keeping silent is a good way to calm others and ourselves around us.

If we have a hot temper that is something that we have learned so it will take practice to unlearn it but it will be well worth the effort if we did.

Cooling off our temper can prevent destruction from coming to us because it will put us in control and being in control always prevails.

By Lizzie Ducking

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Source by Lizzie Ducking

Water As Gas – Is it Really Possible?

With the price of gas, it is no surprise that the latest craze is to use water as gas in order to fuel your car. It seems unbelievable to think that the free water you can get from your tap can be used to run your engine, but when you do your research the claims are there that it has been tested and works. Basic physics support the idea as well. So does using water as gas really work, or is it a myth?

If you do a quick search online, you’ll find a popular guide that can be purchased to walk you through how to build your own water as gas system. This system is a basic hydrogen cell generator, which can be assembled with about $75 worth of materials found at any hardware store.

What this generator does when hooked up to your car’s battery is extract the energy out of water to produce a new chemical makeup. In other words, the H2O molecules of water are broken down to produce HHO – otherwise known as Brown’s gas. Your home made system filters this Brown’s gas into the fuel system of your car and mixes it with the petroleum that you get at the pump.

By using water as gas for your car alongside regular gasoline, you can reduce the amount of fuel your car burns and double your gas mileage. With this simple home made system that takes little technical knowledge, it is possible to double your gas mileage.

A thorough water as gas guide will make creating this system quick and easy. By simply following the step-by-step walkthrough, you can build your own Brown’s gas kit in a matter of an hour or two. Once complete, it takes minutes to install your new hydrogen generator on your car. That means in an afternoon, you can completely build and install a system on your car that will cut your gas costs in half.

Best of all, these systems do not actually alter or modify your car in any way. These are just add-on components that do nothing more than use a bit of energy from your car battery to inject the Brown’s gas into your fuel system. This is essentially achieved with electrical wire and a small vacuum hose. As a result, your car’s engine performance and fuel efficiency can be dramatically improved.

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Source by Austin Warty

Kühlsystem hat Blasen?

In den meisten modernen Autos sind Kühlsysteme eingebaut. Sie sollten jedoch zunächst wissen, dass trotz der Tatsache, dass alle Kühlsysteme auf die gleiche Weise funktionieren, es zwei Arten von Kühlsystemen gibt, die in den meisten Fahrzeugen zu finden sind. Dies sind das Flüssigkeitskühlsystem und das Luftkühlsystem.

Das Flüssigkeitskühlsystem ist in den meisten modernen Autos zu finden. Eine bestimmte Flüssigkeit wird verwendet, um durch die Rohre und andere Passagen im Motor Ihres Autos zu zirkulieren. Diese Flüssigkeit bzw. das Kühlmittel nimmt im Motor Wärme auf und kühlt ihn somit ab. Gemäß dem Luftkühlsystem ist dieser Typ bei den meisten älteren Autos zu finden. Anstelle der im Flüssigkeitskühlsystem verwendeten Flüssigkeit wird Luft um den Motor zirkuliert. Die Luft kommt von einem leistungsstarken Lüfter, der als Kraft fungiert, die die Luft durch den Motor drückt.

Wenn Sie ein Flüssigkeitskühlsystem besitzen, sollten Sie wissen, dass sich in der Flüssigkeit, die Ihren Motor kühlt, Luft und Luftblasen befinden können. Dies mag für Sie keine große Sache sein, aber denken Sie daran, dass Ihr Motor in diesem Fall tatsächlich überhitzen könnte. Aus diesem Grund ist es wichtig, jegliche Luft aus Ihrem Kühlmittelbehälter zu entfernen.

Sie fügen dem Kühler einfach eine Mischung hinzu, die zur Hälfte aus Wasser und zur Hälfte aus Frostschutzmittel besteht. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie es bis zum oberen Teil füllen. Machen Sie dann dasselbe mit dem Überlauf- oder Kühlmittelbehälter.

Lassen Sie danach einfach den Deckel Ihres Kühlers ab und lassen Sie den Motor laufen. Sie würden wissen, dass der Kühler die Blasen bereits entfernt hat, weil eine große Luftblase nach oben kommen würde oder Sie würden sehen, wie das Kühlmittel nach unten geht. Wenn dies erfolgreich war, füllen Sie den Kühler mit der richtigen Menge Kühlmittel nach. Und Sie können den Deckel des Kühlers wieder aufdrehen.

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Source by Tracy Dawson

Was macht eine effektive Custom House Scorecard aus?

Ein Zollhaus ist eine Einrichtung, die Deiche für importierte und exportierte Waren erhebt. Normalerweise ist dies eine der Regierungsbehörden. Aber es gibt Unternehmen, die im Auftrag von Exporteuren und Importeuren oder Personen handeln, die persönliche Gegenstände aus ihren Heimatländern transportieren. Sie werden Custom Broker genannt. Gegen eine Gebühr arrangieren sie alles für Sie, von der Abwicklung der Zollgebühren für Ihre Waren und der Lagerung bis hin zu Versand- oder Luftfracht- und LKW-Anforderungen. Custom House Scorecards werden sich darauf konzentrieren, wie diese Dienstleistungen effizient ausgeführt werden können.

Um legitim zu sein, muss ein Zollhaus von einer Regierungsbehörde zugelassen sein, und einige seiner Mitarbeiter, zumindest diejenigen, die direkt mit der staatlichen Inkassobehörde zu tun haben, müssen bestimmte staatliche Prüfungen bestehen. Dies gilt für die meisten Länder. Daher besteht das allererste Anliegen dieser Art von Scorecard darin, sicherzustellen, dass ihre Operationen von Mitarbeitern unterstützt werden, die nicht nur ordnungsgemäß akkreditiert sind, sondern vor allem über angemessene Kenntnisse der Zollgesetze und sehr gute Verhandlungsfähigkeiten verfügen. Auch Kenntnisse über Währungen sind sehr nützlich.

Es gibt Zollmakler, die die gesamte Palette von Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Transport von Waren in und aus Ländern anbieten. Für diese Zollmakler ist es sehr wichtig, dass sie mit Versand, Lagerung, Frachtunternehmen, Dokumentation, Frachtabfertigung und -verarbeitung gründlich vertraut sind. Von internationalen Maklern wird erwartet, dass sie hilfreiche Verbindungen zu Betreibern aufgebaut haben und diese Dienstleistungen anbieten, um Lieferzeiten zu verkürzen, was mehr Kunden anziehen wird.

Es ist klar, dass eine weitere wichtige Scorecard eines Zollhauses oder Maklers der Aufbau vorteilhafter Partnerschaften mit Unternehmen sein wird, die sich auf Frachtbewegungen spezialisiert haben. Ohne diese Partnerschaften oder Bindungen beschränkt sich das Geschäft eines Maklers möglicherweise darauf, Kunden nur mit Export- oder Importgebühren zu unterstützen, was keine sehr gute Einrichtung ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass die meisten Importeure und Exporteure von Waren Versandaufgaben nur an eine Person vergeben möchten oder Unternehmen, um Zeit, Aufwand und Geld zu sparen.

Alle Versender möchten, dass ihre Waren in gutem Zustand und pünktlich am Bestimmungsort ankommen. Ein Makler zerstreut die Befürchtungen der Kunden, indem er einen schnellen Service und ein System bietet, mit dem der Standort von Waren jederzeit nachverfolgt werden kann. Dies erfordert einen systematischen Umschlagsprozess, der auf Zeiteffizienz getestet wird, und ein System, mit dem Engpässe identifiziert und behoben werden können.

Gebühren, die Makler von Kunden erheben, variieren von Makler zu Makler. Aber aufgrund der Art des Geschäfts haben die Gebühren einen großen Einfluss darauf, ob ein Makler nachhaltige Geschäfte bekommt oder nicht. Es ist ein äußerst wettbewerbsintensives Geschäft, bei dem es unter dem Strich darum geht, Waren pünktlich und zu den geringsten Kosten für den Versender an ihren festgelegten Bestimmungsort zu bringen. Selbst dann ist es ein lukratives Geschäft, in dem wenige mit den richtigen Verbindungen und einem guten Management, gepaart mit großem Verhandlungsgeschick, viel bewegen können.

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass eine gute Zollhaus-Scorecard die Entwicklung von Personal mit angemessenen Kenntnissen über Zollgesetze, Lagerhaltung, Fracht, Dokumentation und Frachtabfertigungsverfahren und -prozesse beinhaltet – ein System, das die Fracht pünktlich liefert.

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Source by Sam Miller

Welche Heizung ist besser? Elektrisches oder zentrales System

Eines der am häufigsten verwendeten Heizsysteme ist das Zentralheizungssystem, da es nicht nur in Privathaushalten, sondern auch in öffentlichen Gebäuden und Büros weit verbreitet ist. Sie würden dieses System an geografischen Orten finden, die in die Kategorie der niedrigen klimatischen Temperaturen fallen. Wie der Name schon sagt, hat dieser Typ eine zentrale Quelle wie einen Kessel oder Ofen, der Wärme an andere Teile des Gebäudes oder Hauses überträgt. Was den Brennstoff betrifft, kann es sich um Öl, Erdgas usw. handeln. Es gibt einen ganzen Mechanismus, mit dessen Hilfe die Wärmedämpfe verteilt werden, und auch die Platzierung des Heizkörpers muss richtig und angemessen sein.

Die Zentralheizung wurde im Grunde von den Römern eingeführt und ist in dieser Hinsicht etwas in die Jahre gekommen. Auf der anderen Seite ist der elektrische heutzutage revolutionär. Seit ihrer Markteinführung gibt es eine ständig steigende Nachfrage nach diesen. Welche Vorteile bietet es also gegenüber einer Zentralheizung? Sie haben nicht viel Kontrolle, wenn wir über Zentralheizung sprechen. Auf der anderen Seite können Sie die vollständige Kontrolle über die elektrische Temperatur und dergleichen ausüben. Ein weiterer erwähnenswerter Vorteil der Elektroheizung ist ihre Sauberkeit, die mit der anderen Art von System nicht erreicht oder aufrechterhalten werden kann, da man später einen Brennstoff wie Öl oder Gas benötigt, wie zuvor erwähnt, während erstere elektrische Energie einfach in Wärme umwandelt Energie. Folglich ist ein elektrisches Heizsystem viel einfacher und leichter zu bedienen als das andere System, und in dieser Hinsicht könnten Sie mehr Bequemlichkeit und Komfort bei der Verwendung eines mit Strom betriebenen Systems haben. Ein weiterer Vorteil der Installation ist die Effizienz, die mit dem anderen System nicht erreicht werden kann.

Wenn Sie zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt eine Zentralheizung verwendet haben, haben Sie vielleicht bemerkt, dass die Wartung ziemlich kostspielig sein kann. Darüber hinaus ist der Installationsprozess ziemlich schmerzhaft. Darüber hinaus wird der Umweltfaktor bei der Verwendung völlig ignoriert, wenn Sie einen verwenden, der nicht mit Strom betrieben wird. Diejenige, die den Strom verwendet, ist eine viel sicherere und sauberere Art, Ihr Zuhause warm zu machen. Das einzige Problem, das bei der Elektroheizung bleibt, sind die Stromkosten. Ihre monatlichen Stromrechnungen können sicherlich steigen, aber selbst dieser Faktor könnte gemildert werden, da heutzutage mehr umweltfreundliche Geräte und Heizsysteme auf dem Markt erhältlich sind.

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Source by Marcell Jones

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