Patio Heaters That Are Ideal For Balconies


Patio heaters are for patios, true, but in some respects, a balcony is a small, elevated patio area. Given there are very many people who live in apartments with balconies and are by the turn of the seasons forced to stay inside much the same as owners of regular patios, what heating options are there for extending the use of a balcony? Given the size of most balconies which only have room to accommodate a couple of small chairs and no table, a standing patio heater is out. And without a table of some kind, a table top patio heater is also out. So that’s it then, there’s nothing, right? Wrong…

One of the best innovations in heating small patios (or even large patios) and small balcony spaces is definitely the wall mounted infrared patio heater. It takes no space up whatsoever on the floor or table so it’s never in the way – it’s mounted on a wall, usually above head height.

If you’ve never seen one before, it looks almost identical to the classic security lights and operates much the same – when someone is within the infrared detector, instead of a blinding floodlight you get a nice warm heat wave.

As these types of heaters run on electricity they also aren’t any kind of a fire hazard and you don’t have to lug heavy fuel canisters up flights of stairs, either. That makes them the ideal type of patio heater to purchase to heat your balcony space and restore comfort to your time outdoors.


Source by Chris Roy