Choosing Central Heating Systems

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You can get central heating systems and services from a number of suppliers including local hardware stores and dedicated companies. You need to make sure you choose the right system that will suit your home size, the number of people using the hot water and the number of rooms in your home. You can make that decision with the help of a qualified engineer or the sales people at your local shop or on the phone.
This article might be able to help you get a small idea about the different central heating systems available however.

Combi boilers are efficient, small and powerful. They can supply a household with instant hot water which cuts down on the storage space necessary to fit a large tank in. This is ideal for busy homes with lots of people, small homes and bungalows. The water enters the system directly and is heated as it passes along the pipes and to your taps. There is no need for a storage tank which is an added bonus.

Gas Systems
With gas central heating you will find that your bills are slightly smaller than if you were to have and electric system. Water is heated in a tank from flames underneath and the water is kept warm with an insulating jacket over the boiler. Your water and radiators are heated in the same way and it takes a relatively short amount of time for the water to heat up.

Electric Systems
Systems which are powered with electricity have safety benefits which gas boilers simply can not offer. There is no risk of explosion or fire with the electric systems and gas leaks are avoided. This is a problem that has affected many of the older gas central heating systems. However electric systems can cost more to run and if something goes wrong they are often more complex to fix.

Combi boilers are by far the most efficient and useful central heating systems taking up less space and costing less money than the gas and electric versions. Installing a new system is easy when you find the right national supplier who will give you great service and specialist after care.

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