Typing Test


Distinctly, you have known it’s a fact that internet has become more important over the past decade than it has been for many years, so that you have to think about your typing skills. In the past, telephones started to dominate our personal and business communication. Instead of picking up the phone and call someone, it was much easier to instant chat with someone via MSN or send an Email. Apparently, mastering typing skills is necessary for you.

So do you know how fast you can type? And is your typing accuracy good enough? To know your typing speed and typing accuracy, you can clearly know your typing skills. Of course, to know your typing skills, you should take typing test to test your tying speed and accuracy on a keyboard.

Surely, it’s easy to learn to type with your two fingers just by looking at the keyboard. It’s quite slow and terrible to type by this way. Without doubt, the best way to gain how to type and how to improve typing speed is by using typing software, and with your typing improvement, you can take typing test to see your typing accuracy and typing speed in wpm, words per minute, as soon as you finish typing this short paragraph.

The most important and basic score is words per minute, or wpm for short. Often, this is a corrected score, where each error made during the test reduces the words per minute by one. Another common score is an accuracy percentage – which is simply the number of words you got right compared to how many you typed. For instance, 80% accuracy means you averaged 8 out of 10 words right.

Typing tests are offered by GS Typing Tutor, an online typing tutorial which teaches typing for Qwerty the US standard and Dvorak the US alternative standard keyboards. In typing lessons rhythm of music is used to encourage rhythmical typing. For practice and the typing tutor has typing games. Typing exercises and typing games accommodate all skills. From beginners to advanced Qwerty typist who wants to learn typing on more comfortable and faster Dvorak’s layout of a computer keyboard.

You may take a typing test to understand your current typing performance at any time. Once you complete the test, you can print or view the diploma of the test. The typing tutor supports many types of typing tests as the following below:

1. General typing test is a traditional way to examine your skills. The typing tutor shows the test text on the screen and you copy them to complete the test.

2. Typing At Will is a test which no test text is provided, you type what you want, so that the accuracy is meaningless but the typing speed.

3. Original Copy Typing Test is a unique feature of this typing tutor, which examines your typing speed with the original copy (printed copy). This test type needs two copies of the test text, one is printed on the paper, and another is stored on your computer for checking the error purpose. After the test starting, you type the text from the printed copy, and the program computes the accuracy and speed.


Source by Shu Jun