Gas Ventless Heaters – Advantages and Types

Gas ventless heaters are designed to use natural gas or propane in the least amount possible. Some models use no electricity at all. The specialty of these heaters is that they do not let an iota of heat out of the room. They use oxygen from the room itself for combustion. As a result, the heaters boast of a high room heating efficiency and less power bill. That is, perhaps, the reason why they have become the preferred choice of people. With 99.7 percent efficiency, they have the potential to topple other heaters in the market soon.

3 Types Of Gas Ventless Heaters

* Radiant Heaters – work best for warehouses, storerooms, garages, and other large spaces. They use infrared waves to produce heat. Although the concept of ventless gas heaters may sound new, radiant heating system is the oldest system and forms the basis of all other systems of heating.

* Blue Flame Heaters – functioning is similar to that of the central heating system. As the name suggests, they emit blue flame, which comes from the usage of propane of natural gas. There are efficient and are easily available.

* Gas Logs – generate hot flames that perform combustion of fuel completely. This reduces carbon monoxide levels as well as soot produced by other heaters.

Working Of Gas Ventless Heaters

Ventless heaters feature special burners that are completely exposed. These burners are placed behind, and beneath the logs. The unit is designed in such a way that enough air reaches the burners to start the combustion of natural gas. This process generates less carbon monoxide. The gas logs are easy to install and are a good source of supplemental heat. They are better than air ducts and are easier than radiators to maintain.

Combustion, whether of wood or gas, needs the presence of oxygen to produce flames. Therefore, no fire on earth can be completely „ventless“, or it would get extinguished. However, ventless fireplaces use zero-opening technology or chimneyless mechanism, which enables the entire heat to spread in the room. This heats your room in less time and with using less energy.

Advantages Of Gas Ventless Heaters

* They are eco-friendly since they use natural gas.

* They are cheaper than traditional heating systems and wood fireplaces.

* They do not require external ducts for chimney.

* They use no battery or electric power.

* There is an oxygen depletion sensor pilot fitted in these heaters, which shuts off before the oxygen in the room plummets below the safety level.

* They come in a variety of styles and colors that can add to your room décor.

Because of their ductless technology, these heaters are great when there is a power shortage or if you wish to save on your power bills. Although, some people are skeptical about the absence of vents, the heaters have proved themselves to be a great solution for saving energy and the environment.

The portable quality of gas ventless heaters makes them more desirable. You can shift them around the house. Unlike fireplaces that get permanently installed at one place, you can move these heaters as per your convenience. This is one technology that you need to try to experience for complete warmth during the freezing months.

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