Underfloor heating review – Advantages and Disadvantages

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In this article we are looking at and reviewing under floor heating systems, we will be looking at the disadvantages and advantages of this form of central heating in comparison to its more common counterpart using radiators as a heating option

Under floor heating is a fantastic way to warm your house and an excellent alternative to standard central heating system which uses radiators, which can certainly have their disadvantages, namely they can be seen as ugly, they take up space and also with the radiators being exposed they are not ideal especially with small children and the elderly about who can burn themselves on hot radiators.

Under floor Heating Advantages

Under floor heating has many advantages the main one is that you can do away with radiators, this alone can make a room look a lot bigger and in general it just looks better and gives a room a much cleaner minimalist look

It is ideal in situations where the elderly or young people will be living as a common accident is burning on hot radiators another common accident that happens more with younger children causing injury falling in to radiator corners and banging their heads.

Unlike radiators under floor heating systems are well known for providing much more even heat distribution obviously the heating pipes run under the whole floor so at floor level an even heat is achieved throughout any room.

In general under floor heating is more economical than standard heating systems this is due to it being more energy efficient so with an under floor system you could actually save yourself money in comparison to a standard central heating system using radiators.

Electrical under floor heating is often just as effective as liquid under floor heating as in the same way it distributes the heat evenly this is something that cannot really be said about standard systems where electric options are defiantly less affective.

Under floor heating also has the advantage of being generally less noisy. For anyone who has normal central heating you can often hear noises created from the water moving through radiators and the rest of the system.

You do not have to arrange your furniture to fit around radiators

Disadvantages Of Under Floor Heating

There are only a few disadvantages of under floor heating so we have listed them below

Not all floor surfaces are going to work with all under floor heating systems therefore certain systems are going to cost you more money to install.

Maintenance can be expensive due to the heating not being immediately accessible like a standard radiator, with that said most under floor heating companies offer excellent warranty packages which can see you covered for any problems for years after the initial installation.

Some surfaces will take longer to heat than others for example concrete floors may take 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach full heat, the same can also be said for wooden surfaces.

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